Shihan Millan
Jose Millan, Chairman Kyokushin-kan International Committee
At the time Jose Millan began his practice of Kyokushin Karate under Sosai Mas Oyama in April of 1963 at "Oyama Dojo" as a contemporary of Kyokushin-kan Chairman, Hatsuo Royama, he had already practiced Judo in his native Spain and was a successful Judo player while in university (He now holds a 5th dan in Judo). After practicing at Oyama Dojo and upon his return to Spain for the first time in the summer of 1966, he became the first person to hold a black belt in karate in that country. Unfortunately, however, due to laws set up by the Sports Ministry of Spain, the practice of karate was prohibited, and he finally returned to Japan where he has lived for 40 years.

When the King and the Queen of Spain come to Japan in 1972, Mas Oyama organized a karate demonstration and a group of Kyokushin karateka, including Millan, performed in a two-hour demonstration that had only been scheduled to last ten minutes. The King enjoyed the demonstration so much that he asked to see more and once the demonstration was finally over he congratulated each participant one by one.

Until 2001, Millan participated as either a referee or judge in every one of the All Japan Tournaments and every World Open Karate Tournament, appointed to this honor since the very beginning by Mas Oyama himself. Alter Sosai's death, Millan became an advisor to the Kyokushinkaikan Honbu, a position which he held until Hatsuo Royama established Kyokushin-kan. This establishment, Millan realized, would have met with the approval of his original teacher, Mas Oyama. Millan's two daughters have also followed in his footsteps by training for many years in Japan under Kyokushshin-kan Chairman, Tsuyoshi Hiroshige.

Jose Millan is Professor Emeritus at Yokohama's Kanagawa University in Japan, making him the only foreigner to hold this honor. He has been a professor at this university ever since 1964. In 1998, Millan was decorated Knight Commander of the Civil Merit Order by Juan Carlos I, King of Spain.