Dear Kyokushin-kan Members,
It is a great pleasure to wish you a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year 2014!
This year two world championships were held in Bulgaria with great success. This was due to the contribution of the organizer in Bulgaria and cooperation of our international Branches who had participated in these events.Kyokushin-kan has already been ten years since it was established and we not only have high standard of Kumite but Kata and Weapon as well.Next year 2014, we plan to have numbers of occasions to spread our standards throughout the world.We list the schedule below.
Official Calendar for 2014:
January 12 Kagami Biraki (New Year Opening Ceremony)
March 7-9 International Instructors Camp
April 26-27 All Japan Junior (Kumite&Kata) / Kata / Weight Category (Shinkenshobu) Championships
March or May (to be announced) Euro-Asian Championship in Azerbaijan
July 26-28 Honbu Summer Training CampAugust (to be announced) All American Technical Seminar in U.S.A.
October 25-26 All Japan Open Karate Tournament (Sohasen) / High School / Senior / Women Championships
November 1-2 Mt. Mitsumine Waterfall Camp
Kyokushin-kan thanks everybody's efforts for the success and for the enormous growth we are experiencing.
Best wishes to you all,
Hatsuo Royama Kyokushin-kan Chairman
José A. MillánKyokushin-kan International Committee Chairman
Takaaki EnamiKyokushin-kan Honbu General Secretary