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In 2002, Hatsuo Royama, one of Mas Oyama's early students, along with many of his friends and followers, split from the then largest group of Sosai's followers, the KyokushinKAIKAN, and created a new organization called Kyokushin-kan.

The intention was returning Kyokushin Karate to the high level of esteem that it commanded during Mas Oyama's lifetime. They resolved to do this by ensuring that the budo spirit of proper behavior, courtesy, the spirit of Osu, the spirit of friendship, the sempai-kohai system, and good will towards man would remain of primary importance, while at the same time refreshing Mas Oyama's early emphasis of real-world karate application before it became tainted by the monetary lure of tournament fighting for financial gain.

European Honbu
Shihan Jose Millan, chairman : more than 50 years experience kyokushin

Mikhail Slipenchuk vice chairman